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Have Your Heard? A Tattoo Isn’t Permanent Any Longer!

That dare you had put someplace on that body of yours, which you may or may not remember, does not have to be a reminder any more! That unwanted tattoo of the past had only one option before; the tattoo cover up. For some, going darker and larger wasn’t desirable either. What solution could someone find to help out those who want to change up their tattoos? You have now found the answer in Tatt2Away’s DEScoverups®

Previously there was only the tattoo cover up and you were stuck with limited options of going bigger with the new art, with darker inks and pigments to keep the old tattoo from showing through. Often the artist had to go 3 to 4 times larger than the undesired tattoo just to make it look half way decent. In addition, you were also limited in the tattoo cover up with what you had done before and where you put it. This often put the cover up in an awkward position or didn’t allow you to get what you truly wanted to replace that mistake from the past.

Get Ready to Learn How the Tattoo Cover Up has evolved into DEScoverup by Tatt2Away!


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Couldn’t We Just Erase It All Away?

Oh, yes you can with DEScoverup, the next evolution in tattooing – the 3.0 in the industry. You can now utilize the D-Disruptive E-Escharotic S-Selective Coverup process, where selective pattern DESruption is used to replace the industry norms of the customary cover up. This new to the tattoo industry is ground breaking for those who were once the guinea pigs for their friends starting out laying down the ink, or for that relationship that is no more, or as life tends to do, changes that determine that a giant neck tattoo of a spider isn’t so advantageous for your career upgrade.


Results may vary, but on the whole your undesired tattoo can be “set free” by DEScoverup™ and the Tatt2Away Center in your area.

  •  Change up that youthful indiscretion
  • Update the Legacy Tattoos you cherish
  • Remove the mistakes in pigment and ink

No more of that Tattoo Regret when you begin the DEScoverup process at a lower cost, with fewer treatments, AND the complete removal of that horrible tattoo!