For Individuals Seeking Tattoo Removal or Modification

How long after the final treatment can I have a new tattoo placed in the same area?

At least 12 weeks from the final session is recommended, but longer is always better.

About how long does it take in between each treatment?

It is frequently 8 weeks, but for some people it takes 10-12 weeks between treatments

On average, when could I expect to have the tattoo totally removed?

This depends entirely on the cover-up as well as the tattoo underneath

How does this process affect darker skin colors?

Tatt2Away® treats all skin colors; however like any cosmetic procedure, if there is any question regarding expected results, we recommend a test spot first. Some centers do a test spot at the time of consultation and charge 165 AU$ that will go towards treatment if it is successful. You need to check with the closest Tatt2Away® Center to see what their policy is. All Tatt2Away® Centers have been trained to be able to provide you with as much knowledge as possible on your initial consultation.

How much does it hurt?

Tatt2Away® is very similar to having a tattoo applied; therefore, you can expect about the same amount of discomfort as when your initial tattoo was placed. 

On average, when could I expect to have the tattoo totally removed?

With regular removals being scheduled every 8 weeks, most tattoos can be removed in 5-8 months, but complete healing takes a year or a little more.

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For Business owners considering becoming a Tatt2Away® Center

Are there any practitioners nearby so I may see how the procedure is performed and see what the results are after a few treatments?

The photos on this website of before, during and after pictures are unaltered, to demonstrate what the process looks like. If you want to speak directly to a current Tatt2Away® Center, they are listed when you click the “Find a Location”.  Please understand that certified Tatt2Away Centers are regularly being launched nationwide so you may have to check back frequently to find one closer to you.

Will it cause hypo pigmentation or scarring?

Hypopigmentation or scarring can be unpredictable and is dependent on many factors.  A test spot is recommended for darker skin tones or people with a history of scarring.  Certified Tatt2Away® centers have been trained to avoid any possible hypopigmentation or scarring however every individual is different and although we have not experienced any major scarring issues there can be no guarantee. Strictly following the aftercare instructions also reduces the risk of hypopigmentation or scarring. Individuals who have provided an accurate physical history, followed after-care instructions, and had a test spot removed minimize the possibility of hypopigmentation or scarring and most go on to have acceptable results.


All ingredients in TEPRSOL® are natural.

What is the initial investment for becoming a certified Tatt2Away® center?

We would be happy to discuss this with you.  Please click on “Become a Tatt2Away Center”. Complete the request for information and we will get back to you.  Ours is a comprehensive plan designed to make new centers profitable within the first few months.

Does TattAway® provide marketing assistance or is it all on the provider?

Tatt2Away® will supply marketing assistance to insure the success of both the new center as well as that of Tatt2Away®.